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Installation and Registration Fee

Charged at Rp. 2.000.000,00 (two million rupiahs), this paid once.
The installed device is loaned during the subscription and AceNet will be taken back after stopping the subscription.Devices provided include radio and wireless antennas and 1 unit wifi router device. Monopole pole installation needs of customer responsibility (if needed). Maintenance of the device while subscribing to acenet responsibilities. If the need for additional equipment is needed, it is beyond the above costs.


Installation Process

After complete customer data, enter the installation agenda to get a trial service for 3 days. after the trial period ends, the customer is declared active and must make the first payment.


Payment Method

The first payment is made after the activation process is done, the Billing will confirm the bill via email and telephone. The first payment has been received by AceNet no later than 3 days after the invoice is issued.
The first payment can be made via Cash / transfer :
BCA KCP Sudirman : 611.0426699
MANDIRI Udayana : 145.001.0352496
The first proof of payment is addressed via email:
Payments for the following month are made on the current month no later than the 25th of the month concerned. An invoice will be issued at the beginning of each month. Each customer will receive a Virtual Account (VA) Account on the invoice as a reference for monthly payments, so customers do not need to confirm the repayment.

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